• Easter closing

    Our offices will be closed from the 29th of March to the 1st of April include. Our staff wishes you happy Easter!

  • The use of ultrasonics

    The use of ultrasonics allows to increase performance by reducing consumption and obtaining fast and uniform results. With our systems we guarantee the best solution to every need.  

  • Washing plant

    Where optimizing space becomes essential, we create specific and customized plants to give targeted results.  

  • Spray washing machine

    Spray washing machine designed for the washing of processed parts that allows you to remove the oily residue, any visible residual chips or other pollutants. This washing machine is suitable for washing larger and heavier pieces using the machine basket but also for example small items thanks to custom baskets.

  • Washing plant for the automotive sector

    Components in an automotive washing plant with high cleaning specifications. Washing cycle: -outside 3 bar, -internal and high pressure 230 bar threads, -filtration system. The cycle is designed to ensure absolute results.

  • Oiling plant

    Immersion oiling plant with buffer tank for machined mechanical parts. The plant consists of a treatment, drainage and blowing section with a loading position on conveyor belt.

  • Positioned washing plant

    Positioned washing plant cursor hole with mobile high pressure probe for cast iron valve bodies. The plant is designed to remove contamination, chips and processing oils.

  • Low pressure washing plant

    System realized for the low pressure washing of distribution bodies and in high pressure for through holes. It is equipped with a rotation system that guarantees the best performance with final vacuum drying.

  • Drying oven

    Oven that allows the thermoventilated drying of the pieces after the various treatment processes with chain conveyor for the transport of the frames.