• We give voice to the planet

    On the day dedicated to the environment, Ultratech, always focused on this objective, presents a painting system that allows to reduce emissions into the atmosphere and waste production, giving a look not only at the final result but also at the impact generated on the outside. We color your ideas, we give voice to the […]

  • Our offices

    The Ultratech staff is divided between the Barbona production site (PD) 🔧 and the administrative and commercial headquarters of Castelfranco Veneto (TV) 🗃. The first surrounded by greenery while the second in a small business center of the city. Two different locations but united to provide competence, concreteness and precision, the same characteristics that you find reflected […]

  • Pickling phase after deburring

    Present in our wide range of products, we use dedicated chemicals, essential for the removal of oxides generated in the deburring phase, to complete the deburring process with a pickling phase.

  • Deburring process

    Thanks to Ultratech systems it is possible to do a complete deburring process that allows the elimination of burrs on the components in oxidisable materials coming from specific processes (mechanical, die-casting, etc.). After the deburring process, the oxides are removed through a pickling plant and we guarantee to the pieces a surface protection through a […]

  • Oven for tempering

    Oven designed for tempering, heat treatment of steel, composed of three independent chambers, a conveyor consisting of five independent blocks and vertical lift.