• Solvent washing system

    Two-axis solvent washing system using fluoro-derivatives, with independent automatic loading and unloading. Ultratech systems allow to reduce the solvent dispersion to the maximum, guaranteeing absolute performance and obtaining a fast degreasing and the dry piece in a short time.

  • Painting plant

    Ultratech painting plants are designed and manufactured taking into account the most important factors for the market: reliability, product constancy, safety and the environment. Guarantee for a technological solution that meets the highest demands.    

  • Drying plant

    New generation non-flammable solvent drying plant. The plant and the process are unique in their speed and in the drying of metal parts without altering the surface, thus obtaining a product completely dry, clean and ready for subsequent treatments.

  • Drying ovens

    Our drying ovens, operating at temperatures of up to 200 ºC, are suitable for thermal processes that require temperature uniformity within very small tolerances.  They can be used for the following applications: cooking, crosslinking, softening and drying.

  • Interoperational washing on robotic station

    Interoperational washing on robotic station where the anthropomorphic robot picks up the piece to be washed from the working centre and places it in the dedicated washing and blowing machine, ready for subsequent processes.

  • Water painting booths

    Our water painting booths allow the suction and the abatement of the over spray that is emitted during the spray painting. The use of the water veil allows an efficient ability to retain paint particles that are fed by means of a suction system. This type of plant is characterized by a low environmental impact […]

  • Paint stripping tanks

    If you need to paint any deteriorated object or simply to change its appearance or for maintenance, Ultratech has all the solutions for your every need.

  • Areas of application

    The wide range of standard and special series production allows us to find application in many sectors: automotive, aviation, naval, medical, fashion accessories, furnishing accessories, taps, goldsmiths, precision mechanics, molding, electronics, food.