Washing tunnels

The washing tunnels are built in  stainless steel AISI 304 sp. 20/10 TIG electro-welded. On the top and on the botton of the treatment sections are placed the spraying ramps with  nozzles. The spraying ramps are adjustable and with quick connections and fixings to extract  it  easily for  their periodic cleaning. The bottom of the treatment sections are  connected with  the buffer tanks. To ensure an excellent cleaning, the washing buffer tank has two sections. The first section is used to filter the solution up to 500 microns and remove contaminants in suspension, the second section is used to spray the detergent, with a low degree of contamination.

The two tanks are connected in a recirculating waterfall.
The first section is supplied with:

  • inclined bottom with drain valve,
  • inspection cover,
  • rock wool insulation,
  • gravity separating suspended contaminants,
  • Water inlet manual valve,
  • 500 micron basket filter in back flow.

The second section is supplied with:

  • process pump and piping,
  • inclined bottom with drain valve,
  • 03 float level controls (min., max. refill),
  • heating elements,
  • automatic refill with electro-valve,
  • rock wool insulation,
  • inspection cover.


      After every treatment  sections  are  placed the dripping sections. The dripping section is connected to the buffer tank of the section installed before. In the last dripping section (before the oven) on the top is installed a fan for blowing, with adjustable outlet pipe.

The drying is obtained through a continuous flow of air.

The recirculation of the air is produced with electric fan with high flow and prevalence.

The air enter  into the top of the oven and sucked from the upper  this in continuous recycling.  The heating of the  air is obtained through electrical heaters  for air built with finned pipe.

The conveyor consists in  a stainless steel  belt conveyor.   The conveyor is driven by a motor  with speed controlled by inverter. The belt conveyors  move in continuous  inside the tunnel where braces maintained them in right way. Protection sumps are installed for the parts in motion.


All the internal parts of the plant are enclosed and protected with an external fairing made of stainless steel. All the fairing panels are easily removable to allow a quick maintenance. At the entrance of the tunnel is placed a suction vapour fan.

The electrical cabinet is equipped with one or more frontal doors. Insulation IP 55 class according to the law EN 60529. The board has an inside hinged door and mechanically interlocked in case of tension. Inside the board the used room will be less than 75%. The power electric peripherals and the guards will be placed inside the control box in a position easy to access and identify the single components.

The working tension power will be of 400/230 Volts 50 Hz. three-phases for a current value equal to 30% more than that rated. Each engine unit will be protected by a suitable switch gear and magnetic starter with overload and under voltage protection. Each element unit will be protected with fuses and remote control switch opportunely dimensioned. The devices are SIEMENS and TELEMECANIQUE type, or similar. The starting of any device will be by commands set on 24 Volts auxiliaries circuits fed  by transformers.

The panel can be equipped with PLC and operator panel touch-screen (optional)