Ultrasonic generators

The ultrasonic generator transforms the mains frequency 50/60 HZ at higher frequencies.
The generator can vary the ultrasonic output power and its frequency. This to have always an excellent washing, in all operating conditions.
The generator is equipped with a display that provides all the informations and parameters of washing. You can control the real power output and frequency set value.
The generator shows the following parameters:
I out: the value of the output current,
V out: the value of the output voltage,
P out 1: the percentage of the output power set,
P out 2: the percentage of output power, instant by instant,
Active P: the active power absorbed by the ultrasonic transducers,
Reactive Q: reactive power,
Apparent A: apparent power,
cos (Φ): the difference phase between I out and V out

The generator also can work in pulsed system creating ultrasonic waves type “hammer”.
During pulsed mode functioning , you can set its mode of operation using the following parameters:
TON BURST: sets the time ACTIVATION pulse,
TOFF BURST: sets the time of OFF pulse.


POWER (Watt)
GER 3 300/600
GER 4 400/800
GER 6 600/1200
GER8 800/1600
GER 10 1000/2000
GER 12 1200/2400
GER 16 1600/3200
GER 20 2000/4000
GER 24 2400/4800
GER 28 2800/5600
GER 32 3200/6400
GER 36 3600/7200
GER 40 DIG. 4000/8000

Power supply: 200 V single-phase