Manual painting plants

Our painting plants are manufactured with the highest quality standards and are supplied with all accessories to allow the painting activities safely and in full accordance with current regulations.
They are specifically designed to meet the needs of small productions or the painting of small parts for the jewelry industry, fashion accessories or eyewear.

The basic system is composed of:

Ultrasonic cleaning machine: Built in stainless steel and is designed for the washing in immersion with baskets. The ultrasonic machine can do the following washing cycle:

  • Washing with ultrasonic in hot solution (60 ° C),
  • Rinsing in industrial water at room temperature,
  • Rinsing in industrial water at room temperature,
  • Rinsing in ultra-demineralized water at room temperature,
  • Drying in hot air.

Water treatment plant: Allows to treat the water of the rinses for the its reuse and to produce the ultra-demineralized water needed for painting operations.

Painting booth: Stand-alone unit with dry filtration at high efficiency and built with modular components assembled.

Oven: Built in stainless steel, allows the drying of the pieces after the cleaning and after the painting with a continuous recycling of hot air.

Electrostatic gun: Allows a painting of high quality with a reduced consumption of paint. It is supplied complete with air pipe and pressure vessel paint.


Useful   dimensions  washing  tanks: 250 x 250 x 300 h. mm.
ultrasonic power exit: 300/600 WATT
washing  tank electric power 6,5 kw.
conductivity demineralised water < 1 µs/cm
water treatment electric power 1,5 kw.
maximum temperature oven 160 °c.
oven electric power 9 kw.
aspiration  booth  flow 1800 m3/h
painting booth electric power 1,5 kw.
voltage of charge gun : 20 kv
pneumatic feed 7 bar
electric feed 400 v 50 hz