Ovens for low temperature 100°C

The oven allows the paint drying of the piece with a continuous recycle of air.
The air is heated by a battery with finned electric resistances placed on the lateral wall.
The recycle air is conveyed by a special electro-blowing fan for high temperatures with motor placed outside the oven. The temperature control is made by digital thermoregulator placed on the electric board and by air probe inside the oven.
The oven has also a safety thermostat for the overheating of electric resistances and a timer to delay the stopping of the ventilation, in order to let the resistances to cool after the heating stopping.
The oven is built with rigid polyurethane foam panels with external pre-painted steel and it is provided with butterfly valve for vapour expulsion and frontal access door with manual handle. The door will be suitably insulated and equipped with a silicone rubber double hermetic seal for high temperature and with anti-panic release closing.
The electrical cabinet is placed on the right side with control and signalling devices placed outside the door.
The noisiness level during the work cycle is lower than 80 dBA.

Our ovens are built in according of the UNI EN UNI EN 1539:2010 – Dryers and ovens, in which flammable substances are released.