Water painting booths

The water painting booths are built with:

  • Structure and tank in stainless steel,
  • overflow tank with adjustment screws for the leveling of the water film,
  • Sheet panel for the water film in stainless steel and removable for periodic maintenance,
  • Tank of the water with two removable filters, mechanical level control and electro-pump with high flow for the spray nozzles, the tank of the water film and the skimming ramp,
  • Skimming ramp, installed in the front side, to skim and to remove the floating residual paint,
  • Air filter system composed of:
    • Labyrinth filters in stainless steel.
    • No. 02 spraying ramps with nozzles to down, in countercurrent, the paint over-spray
    • Drop separator for holding up the air humidity, placed before the suction hood, composed of special profiles in reinforced polypropylene, easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Suction hood built in stainless steel sheet, placed on the upper side of the booth, provided with centrifugal exhauster or just a connection hole in case of centralized suction. It is provided with a filtering section with resin filters, for the retention of the dry residual of paint, easy to extract by two little doors placed in the rear side and fitted with sealing.
  • Electrical cabinet place outside the booths built in accordance with the CE regulations.

All our painting booths are built in according of the UNI EN 12215:2010 Coating plants – Spray booths.


Dimensions: CVP 1-2-3-4-5-6 metres and SPECIALS
Material: aluzink or inox plate
Excution: free-standing panels
Assembly: welding + screws
Filtration efficiency: > 99,8%
Emission in the atmosphere ≤ 3 mg./Nmc
Noiseness ≤ 80 dbA