Washing machines with rotating platform type LSS-1

In this type of machines during the washing the pieces, positioned on the rotating  platform, are invested by the energetic jets projected by fixed ramps. The ramps are placed above, below and to the side of the washing chamber.

The platform rotates on its vertical axis.


  1. Loading
  2. Spray cleaning with hot solution (T=50-65°C),
  3. Blowing,
  4. Drying with hot air blowing,
  5. Unloading.


The washing machine is made of stainless steel AISI 304 thickness 20/10, panelled in brushed stainless steel AISI 430 thickness 10/10, and it is composed of the following elements:

  • External structure for basket support: The external structure is made of painted steel. It has the function of supporting the wash basket (included) made ​​in stainless steel. The washing basket is equipped with idler wheels to permit scrolling to thrust in and out of the cabin.
  • Spray cabin: The spray cabin is built in stainless steel AISI 304 with the walls covered by panels for insulation. The cabin is equipped with:
    – Spraying ramps in stainless steel,
    – Sloped bottom for rapid outflow of fluid sprayed into the buffer tank,
    – Automatic door, built ​​in stainless steel , moved vertically by a pneumatic piston ,
  • Fan for the suction of the vapours.
  • Washing buffer tank : To ensure an excellent cleaning, the buffer tank has two washing sections. The first section is used to filter the solution up to 500 microns and remove contaminants in suspension, the second section is used to spray the detergent, with a low degree of contamination. The two tanks are connected in a recirculating waterfall.
    The first section is supplied with:
  • inclined bottom with drain valve,
  • inspection cover,
  • rock wool insulation,
  • gravity separating suspended contaminants
  • Water inlet manual valve,
  • 1000 micron basket filter in back flow.

The second section is supplied with:
–  process pump and piping,

  • inclined bottom with drain valve,
  • float level control,
  • heating elements with thermostat for temperature control,
  • rock wool insulation,
  • inspection cover,
  • 500 micron basket filter.
  • Drying unit: The drying unit s placed on the top of the cabin. The drying of the pieces  is obtained through a continuous flow of air. The recirculation of the air is produced by an electric fan with high flow and prevalence. The air enter and after is sucked from the top of the cabin in continuous recycling. The drying unit is supplied with:

– Heat exchanger consists of a battery of finned electrical resistors,
– Digital electronic thermoregulator for the control of air temperature,
– Fan for air circulation.

  • Electrical cabinet. The electrical cabinet is equipped with one frontal door. Insulation IP 55 class according to the law EN 60529. The working tension power will be of 400/230 Volts 50 Hz. three-phases for a current value equal to 30% more than that rated. Each engine unit will be protected by a suitable switch gear and magnetic starter with overload and under voltage protection. Each element unit will be protected with fuses and remote control switch opportunely dimensioned. The devices are SIEMENS and TELEMECANIQUE type, or similar. The cabinet is equipped with PLC Siemens/Omron and operator panel touch-screen (optional).
Platform dimensions ø=1000 ø=1400 ø=1800 mm.
Washing height 600 800 1.000 mm.
Load capacity 700 1000 1500 Kg.
Washing  pressure 5 5 4,5 bar
Washing flow 300 400 600 lt/min.
Washing tank capacity 750 750 1000  lt.
Electrical heating power 18 18 24 kW
Overall dimensions 2.100×2.300×3.030 2.350×2.300×3.430 2.900×2.400×3.750 mm.
Basket filters 02 02 02 1000+ 500 µm
Construction’s  material AISI 304 AISI 304 AISI 304
Panel AISI 430 brushed AISI 430 brushed AISI 430 brushed