Positioned spray washing machine

The positioned washing is used when you need a high quality and the workpieces are similar. The washing is done with spraying liquid detergent at medium-high pressure. The washing machine can be a single position for low production or rotary table and tunnel for high production. The loading and unloading of the pieces can be automatic with robot or manual.

The washing machine is built in stainless steel AISI 304, sp. 20/10 argon-welded for all parts in contact with liquids, the panels are built in brushed stainless steel while the support frame in painted steel.

To ensure an excellent cleaning, the washing buffer tanks have two sections. The first section is used to filter the solution up to 500 microns and remove contaminants in suspension, the second section is used to spray the detergent, with a low degree of contamination.
The two tanks are connected in a recirculating waterfall.

The electrical cabinet is equipped with one or more frontal doors. Insulation IP 55 class according to the law EN 60529. The board has an inside hinged door and mechanically interlocked in case of tension. The working tension power will be of 400/230 Volts 50 Hz. Each engine unit will be protected by a suitable switch gear and magnetic starter with overload and under voltage protection. The electrical devices are SIEMENS and TELEMECANIQUE, or similar. The starting of any device will be by commands set on 24 Volts auxiliaries circuits fed by transformers.
The panel can be equipped with PLC and operator panel touch-screen.