Manual flash off units

The rotating flash off units type MAV 12 are suitably built to keep rotating the frames with the painted pieces, in order to make easy the homogeneous paint spreading, before the drying phase.
They are composed of the following elements:

  • Fairing: Built with pre-painted steel sheet panels, put on a carrying frame. Below the carrying frame four wheels are fixed, in order to facilitate the transport and the handling.
  • Doors: Double wing doors in lexan and aluminium installed in the frontal side of the unit.
  • Suction: Placed in the lower rear side of the unit.
  • Rotation of piece-holder frames: Composed of nr. 12 rotating holders with friction, controlled by a transmission unit composed of gear motor, pinions and chain.
  • Electric board: Consists in a electrical cabinet, protection degree Ip55, with commands placed on the external side of the electric board. They include:
    • start button
    • stop and emergency button

MAV 12

Overall dimensions 1.600x650x2.230 mm.
Loading capacity

12 piece-holder rods


250 mm

Installed electric power

0,18 Kw

Power supply

380 Volt – 50 Hz 3F + PE

Number of pieces that can be loaded on each rods

Up to 16 pieces


< 80 dB

Maximun dimension of the piece-holder rods

1.070 mm.

Maximun weight of pieces to be painted

3 kg (including piece-holder rods)