Automatic ovens

The automatic ovens, type FAF, allow the drying of the pieces with a continuous work cycle.
The pieces that have been painted are manually placed with their holders frame inside the oven through the automatic opening of the door controlled by the operator with a pedal.
The frame placed on the internal conveyor proceeds step by step inside the oven through the different treatment areas, with a continuous rotation of the pieces during the flash off . After the drying and cooling area the frame can be unloaded through an automatic door.
Exhaust valves, to be connected at the expulsion chimneys, will be placed on the roof of the oven to allow the removal of vapours and the balance of the oven in the heating area obtained by electric resistances and a proper recycle fan.

As the manual ovens, the ovens FAF are available for medium temperature (Tmax 100 C.) or for high temperature (Tmax 250).

The ovens are built in according of the UNI EN UNI EN 1539:2010 – Dryers and ovens, in which flammable substances are released.