Powder coating booths

Our powder coating booths are built with:

  • Powder collection tank in stainless steel sheet bended and welded. The bottom of the tank is inclined towards the rear to facilitate the collection of the powders.
  • Perimeter panels in stainless steel sheet bended.
  • A filter unit, positioned on the rear wall of the booth, with self-cleaning filters with high captation efficiency.
  • Automatic system for self-cleaning of the filters with compressed air tank, valves, blowing ramps and automatic control unit for the opening of the valves.
  • Electrical cabinet place outside the booth built in according of the CE regulations.

All our painting booths are built in accordance with the UNI EN 12215:2010 Coating plants – Spray booths.


Dimensions: CVP 1-2-3-4-5-6 metres and SPECIALS
Material: inox plate
Execution: free-standing panels
Assembly: welding + screws
Filtration efficiency: > 95%
Emission in the atmosphere £ 3 mg./Nmc
Noisiness £ 80 dbA