Automatic painting machines

Progettate per una verniciatura perfetta

The painting machine, type CVR 1600, is composed of an automatic painting system installed on a special painting booth. Together form a single machine easy to transport and to instal.
The automatic painting unit is installed on the upper part of the cabin and automatically performs the painting of the pieces previously fixed to the frame.
The frame is placed manually by operator on the its holder.
Automatically the frame is setting in rotation and at the same time there is the movement of the paint spray gun long the axis of the frame. In this way the painting of the pieces will be performed evenly on all surfaces of the pieces.
At the end of the painting cycle the frame will be released by the protections and then the operator can remove the frame and replace by another one to be painted.

All our painting machines are built in according of the UNI EN 12215:2010 Coating plants – Spray booths.


Overall dimensions 2200 x 2000 x 2200 h mm
Total weight 1000 Kg
Tank capacity 1250 lt
Installed electric power with exhauster 5,3 Kw
Power supply 400 Volts 50 hz
Abatement efficiency >99.8%
Emissions in atmosphere of dry product  < 3 mg
Noisiness  < 80 dB
Maximum dimension of frame 1070 mm
Nr. of pieces that can be loaded on frame 16