Not regenerable demineralizers

The not regenerable demineralizer is supplied with: no. 1 support frame for devices in stainless steel, buffer tank equipped with float and discharging valve, no. 1 electro-pump in stainless steel with connecting pipes, no.01 flowmeter in transparent plexiglass, no.01 activated carbons in vertical cylindrical filter made in plastic reinforced by fiber glass, no.01 (or no.02) mixed bed resins in vertical cylindrical filters made in plastic reinforced by fiber glass and electrical cabinet.


FLOW (Lt./ h)
DEMI 24/1 M 250-750
DEMI 24/2 M 250-750
DEMI 50/1 M 500-1500
DEMMI 50/2 M 500-1500

We can build filters for specific requirements