Solvent dryers

Our solvent dryers are designed to allow a perfect drying of the pieces in total safety.
The dryers are built in stainless steel AISI 316 and are composed of multiple tanks connected to each other in cascade. The water is eliminated in the first tank which contains the appropriate solvent for the drying . The other tanks are used to remove the surfactant content in the drying solvent of the first tank. In this way at the exit of the dryer the pieces will be perfectly dry and free of stains and spots.
The first treatment section is equipped with a water separator and a gravitational ramp skimming. The ramp skimming is powered by a special centrifugal pump by 20 micron filter, and allows the elimination of water removed from the pieces.

Treatment cycle:

  1. Loading
  2. Pre-washing for immersion with ultrasonic
  3. Immersion washing
  4. Immersion rinsing
  5. Rinsing in vapour phase
  6. Drying for condensation
  7. Unloading