Little ovens with forced air

The drying ovens type FC are used in the optical industry, goldsmith, electromechanical, electronic, etc., for the following applications: baking – curing – drying – Softening – drying.
The ovens work temperatures up to 270 ° C, and they are particularly suitable in all thermal processes that require uniformity of temperature within very tight tolerance.
The certification of components and materials used give at our ovens a higher quality standard and ensures total reliability.
The oven is supplied with:

  • door, interior room and storage plans in stainless steel;
  • double wall with thermal insulation of rock wool;
  • retractable shelves and sliding rails;
  • electric heaters with finned resistances with low surface power placed on the bottom;
  • door insulated and equipped with double hermetic seal, with gasket for high temperature,
  • forced ventilation system;
  • exhaust air valve;
  • Temperature Controller / digital thermometer with membrane keyboard;
  • electric timer (0-120 °) to set the operation with fixed start counting after reaching the operating temperature;

The noisiness level during the work cycle is lower than 80 dBA.

Our ovens are built in according of the UNI EN UNI EN 1539:2010 – Dryers and ovens, in which flammable substances are released.