MC – Macchine per coating

Studiate appositamente per l'utilizzo con i prodotti 3M NOVEC









Our machines for the coating treatments are designed for use with 3M NOVEC product, and are made taking very attention to safety and high solvent saving & low consumption.


The heart of the machine, entirely build by stainless steel AISI 316 L, is the internal area of treatment. Every edge,every wall, evry single detail of this section are perfect, to guarantee the highest quality that the treatment of coating requires.

The internal section  of ​​treatment is done in function of the size of your pieces to be treated, so to obtain an extremely compact and efficient machine.

In the upper part (drying zone) are placed the cooling coils, connected directly to the refrigeration unit. The refrigeration unit is integrated within the fairing.
All customized and specially designed.

On the upper of the machine is installed the manual lid,  with  the locking  by screws and gasket, to close  perfectly the inside of the machine.

Externally the  machines for the coating are closed with a fairing made of aluminum profiles and  black polycarbonate panels  for a modern and practical design.

Ciclo di lavoro
              1. Load,
              2. Immersion in solvent at 20 ° C.,
              3. Drying,
              4. Unload.

The work  time  is  variable  by  electrical panel.

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